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Sometimes it’s just good to go with the classics

December 21, 2016 Kris Gale

Recently, we had the pleasure of listening to two podcasts from the American program, Freakonomics, entitled “In Praise Of Maintenance” and “In Praise Of Incrementalism”.  Each show was highlighting the virtues of callings that are often seen as the poor cousins of innovation. The programs felt timely and humbling. We can’t all be disruptive all of the time. So while…

AusIndustry Specific Issue Guidance – What Messages Are In The Bottles?

December 9, 2016 Kris Gale

AusIndustry recently published four Specific Issue Guidance products concerned with the R&D Tax Incentive (the Incentive) and the overall message of the four documents is something we can all agree on. In accessing the R&D Tax Incentive (the Incentive), taxpayers must follow the law. Fair enough, we say, but when we unfurl the parchment contained in the metaphoric bottles, the message…

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