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Jane Drummond

Since joining MJA in 1999, Jane has worked closely with large corporates and small-to-medium enterprises across many industries, including biotechnology, mining, IT and manufacturing.

Her main focus has been on R&D tax incentives, and she has delivered compliance, review, planning and audit services. She has also assisted more than 20 companies prepare applications for R&D Start and Commercial Ready grants, helping them raise more than $20m in grant funding.

Prior to joining MJA, Jane gained 15 years’ experience in the biotechnology sector, working on the research, development and commercialisation of microbial products for agricultural and food industry applications. She was a senior consultant for CPL Scientific Information Services in the UK. She also worked with the CRC for Food Industry Innovation on the development of new products and processes in collaboration with industry partners, and was a Research Fellow at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute (University of Adelaide).

Jane received a scholarship with Microbial Resources Ltd (UK), and holds a PhD in Microbial Genetics.

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