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R&D Tax Incentive: The Debate Around The Merits Of The $100 Million Cap

February 24, 2015 Kris Gale

The recent introduction of the $100 million R&D expenditure cap on R&D Tax Incentive (Incentive) claims as a result of the PUP Amendment to the The Tax Laws Amendment (Research and Development) Bill 2013 has been received with a degree of genuine surprise. The fact that the measure was pushed through without public consultation, without apparent costings and without a clear administrative process (as…

R&D Tax Incentive – What’s In This Year’s Easter Basket?

February 14, 2015 Kris Gale

After this morning's excitement in Canberra, it is probably fair to assume it will be back to business as usual. And on the first day of the Senate, our old friend, the Tax Laws Amendment (Research and Development) Bill 2013 is listed as Number 5 in the order of business. One thing that can be said about the ongoing saga…

Targeting Access Bill Passed in Senate

February 13, 2015 Kris Gale

Late yesterday the Senate passed the Tax Laws Amendment (Research and Development) Bill 2013, with a PUP amendment giving effect to a reduced tax offset for expenditure in excess of $100 million, to be applied retrospectively from income years commencing after 1 July 2014. A proposed Greens amendment to introduce quarterly credits failed to pass, as did a Labor Party…

A (Reasonably) Festive MJA Update

December 24, 2013 Kris Gale

Before we all head off to enjoy the holiday season with our families, the least we thought we could do was leave you with some stocking stuffers around the state-of-play with the R&D Tax Incentive. No need to thank us. Really. $20 Billion Exclusion Bill Review As reported last time, the Tax Laws Amendment (Research & Development) Bill 2013 has been referred…

Welcome to the first of our regular MJA Updates

November 29, 2007 Kris Gale

Welcome to the first of our regular MJA Updates. We aim to bring you a fresh article or perspective on the R&D tax concession, across the areas of government policy, legislation, compliance and audits/assessments. If you like it, please let us know and forward link to a colleague or friend. We're always looking for your feedback on this update, so…

Just The Facts, Ma’am”: The Bedrock Of A Successful R&D Tax Claim

July 5, 2017 Kris Gale

It’s been some time since we’ve been in contact so it’s nice to talk to you. We’ve all been patiently waiting for the Federal Government’s response to the ‘Triple F’ Review of the R&D Tax Incentive (the Incentive). The May Budget has come and gone without any announcements. It has now been more than a year since the report was…

The R&D Tax Incentive: A Case Of Keep Calm And Carry On Claiming???

March 2, 2017 Kris Gale

The recent release of a series of ATO Taxpayer Alerts with respect to the R&D Tax Incentive (the Incentive)  (including a revised version of the software development alert published last Friday) comes on the back of a number of publications issued by AusIndustry in recent months. The documentation can be viewed at: https://www.business.gov.au/Assistance/Research-and-Development-Tax-Incentive/RnD-Tax-Incentive-Information-Bulletin/February-2017-edition The flow of information has occurred as…

R&D Tax Incentive Review Released

November 8, 2017 Kris Gale

The Review of the R&D Tax Incentive Report has just been released. The report has been co-authored by Mr Bill Ferris AC, Chair, Innovation Australia, Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist and Mr John Fraser, Secretary to the Treasury. We will provide a summary and analysis of the recommendations in subsequent MJA Updates over the coming days. Should you wish to…

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