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It’s that time of the year….

December 21, 2023 Sarah Lander

In what seems to be a bit of a tradition, one of the regulators responsible for the administration of the R&D Tax Incentive program released some guidance in the lead up to Christmas. The ATO recently released two Taxpayer Alerts on R&D that focus on where the R&D is conducted by an: associate of the R&D claimant (TA 2023/4 “Research and…

Federal Government Funding For R&D: Perceptions, Reality and All That Kind Of Stuff

December 5, 2023 Kris Gale

Our lives. They’re busy. Keeping up with everything is hard. So hard in fact that MJA only produces this Update when it feels there is something legitimate to say so we don’t unnecessarily add to the clutter.When recently asked by The CFO Centre to contribute to the upcoming edition of its newsletter about any recent changes in government funding for…

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