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Meet the team

MJA’s leadership team represents more than 100 person years in the direct delivery of R&D tax benefits to Australian companies from start ups to the very largest.

And we mean direct delivery. Our clients will tell you that MJA’s most senior people are affordably working on their claims and issues. It is not a case of one group handles relationships, the other does the work. The MJA leadership team is at the coalface, the best place to identify and document your R&D claims. You’ll find us great people to work with.

Meet the team below.


Kris Gale


Sarah Lander

Managing Partner

Melanie Reen


Craig Stewart



Jane Drummond

Ian Ross-Gowan

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MJA updates keep you informed on how government decisions will effect your business. This is a must if you want to know the latest on business and company insights without having to read and decipher complicated law and tax manuscripts.

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